Crowd {Five Minute Friday}


Reflections on John 9 in Five Minutes. GO-

From the time he was just a babe, they noticed something just wasn’t right. They made assumptions and judged the reasons and decided the blindness was because of sin. “His sin or his parents?” The disciples inquired.

But Jesus isn’t one to mess around with long explanations and how-comes. He just says it plain out. “It wasn’t this man’s sin or his parent’s. This is all for the glory of God.”

But the crowd would push in and press judgment, because the leaders knew what this all meant and they said it’s his own fault, so he was left alone to listen and watch the dark.

Jesus is the one who steps out of the crowd though, swims against the stream.

He took mere dust, and His own saliva, and blew that crowd away. There weren’t any detailed instructions, just go to the pool and wash.

He made the blind to see and those seeing blind because His kingdom is backwards and upside-down. They decided He must be a sinner, but never realized He would actually become sin Himself.

None of it is logical, but this man didn’t need logic-

“Whether He is a sinner or not I do not know. One thing I know: that though I was blind, now I see.”

Linking up with Lisa Jo’s #FMFPartyThis week’s prompt- CROWD



One thought on “Crowd {Five Minute Friday}

  1. We often do the same. We assume we must have done something wrong if things aren’t going our way, instead of realizing that good or bad, it’s all for the Glory of God and it’s never about us. Thanks for sharing. #FMF


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