I Went to My First AA Meeting {FMF}

Care copy_1

I went to my first AA Meeting.

One after another-without hesitation- they announced their name followed by, “I’m an alcoholic.”

They shared stories and struggles.

It wasn’t shielded by feel good cover-ups or glossed over with poor attempts at excuses.

Their stories were raw and their need was real.

I sat there in awe. These people know a truth so many of us only glimpse.

They said it over and over again-

“She was there in my most desperate time…”

“I needed to know someone cared…”

“He was a person I could call on any hour of the night… “

“They understood me like no one else did…”

And then the one that topped them all- “I feel like I belong when I’m with you guys. I’ve always wanted to fit in, and I do when I’m here.”


When it comes down to it, we all need to belong. And I’ve written this before. But it’s not any less true now than it was then. We all need to be understood, validated, and accepted.

Is it crazy that now I want to walk into the next church service, sit right down in that chair, and announce boldly, “Hi. My name is Stephanie. And I’m a wretched sinner.” I want everyone to know who I am and how flat I fall and then to hear them say, “You too?!”

Because caring is sometimes no more than merely listening, resonating, and relating.

Nope, I’m not an alcoholic, but I’m desperate, dependent, and surely I’m an addict in some form or another.


Joining Kate Motaung for this week’s Five Minute Friday prompt- CARE


I know your time is precious, but so are your thoughts.

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